I'm here to help you transform your Business

– Kendra Callow

In the world of hospitality, Kendra, a creative and visionary entrepreneur, spent a decade crafting unforgettable experiences. Now, she has built a virtual assistant company, drawing on her skills to revolutionize personalized support for fellow creative female entrepreneurs.

With a commitment to exceptional service, innovative solutions, and a keen eye for anticipating needs, Kendra's company brings the warmth and professionalism of a upscale establishment to the virtual realm. Her clients love her for the attention to detail and proactive problem-solving that she offers.

Kendra's story showcases how her expertise as a creative entrepreneur combined with her hospitality background has created extraordinary experiences in unexpected ways, empowering and supporting women in their entrepreneurial journey.


Whilst working with KVA Consultants, clients are offered new solutions to old repetitive tasks that will save the client time and money whilst letting the business achieve new results

Businesses Supported

Since the start of KVA Consultants,
We have been able to assist over 50 different companies with all of their tasks and helping to run their businesses


From long term to short term clients, KVA Consultants bottom line is to ensure consistent results for our clients and have pride in our work. We always help our clients to achieve their success

success doesn't happen overnight

When working with KVA Consultants, we like to create an environment for you to feel that we are your partners in your business without us have the full or final say.

We have found this creates a bond between our clients and us and lets us support you and your businesses needs better.

If you're looking for a partner to assist you, book a free discovery call with us!

I am ready



After our initial discussion of your companies needs, We at KVA do research on your business, your audience and whom you serve currently.



We create a plan for what we will implement in to the business to provide the results and vision the client has.
Once this has been approved by the client we start the implementation process.



Once the plan has been implemented, we place checks and balances in place to watch for the results we need, we alter what isn't working and what is.


We offer a variety of different options within our services to suit all businesses and their needs.

We tailor make a solution that is as unique as you and your business to support you in the struggles you face and the things that get missed.

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success stories

Having worked with a few businesses, KVA Consultants is proud to have created successful and sustainable solutions to all the businesses we have helped.


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Our Blog has articles about several different Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager topics to assist you in having knowledge about your VA and the ins and outs that go with that.

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I am here to help you transform your business

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You are not alone on this journey

Client Love

I highly recommend KVA Consulting. I have worked with many consulting and VA services over the years and KVA Consulting outshines all of them. I know the projects I give to them will be handled professionally and on time.

Online Business Manager

Client Love

I have been working with Kendra since 2019. She has assisted me in launching and growing my business and has always produced great work. She is efficient and has never missed a deadline. I have relied heavily on her for her creative ideas and she has produced amazing work for me.

founder of E2 Life Coaching