Embracing Remote Work: How Transitioning to a Virtual Assistant Changed My Life

Embracing Remote Work: How Transitioning to a Virtual Assistant Changed My Life

Amidst a demanding job, I sensed a need for change. Years of prioritizing my career led me to explore virtual assistance during Covid. Transitioning from long workdays to a virtual role, I faced challenges and self-doubt but found my stride. Balancing both jobs, I crafted a plan for a more fulfilling future. Transparent with my boss, I eventually resigned from my day job, embracing newfound fulfillment, global connections, and growth. Excited for what's next, I'm no longer trapped and open to new possibilities.

While working a demanding job, managing staff, placing orders, and finding myself increasingly consumed by work, a shift occurred. Something felt off, and I realized this wasn't the path for me anymore. After 12 years of prioritizing my career over myself, passing by family and friends like ships in the night, I knew this lifestyle was unsustainable.

During the uncertainty of Covid, as I questioned the future of my job, I delved into research about online businesses. I explored different avenues, seeking a place where my wide range of skills would be valued, and I wouldn't be just a cog in a corporate machine. That's when I discovered the potential of becoming a virtual assistant.

It was a significant leap beyond my comfort zone, transitioning from exhausting 12-hour workdays with minimal breaks to a role behind a computer, where my mind became the main driver. I identified areas for improvement and took classes, confronting moments of imposter syndrome, a challenge I hadn't experienced during my ascent in the hospitality industry.

As I found my rhythm and managed both my day job and burgeoning side business, a plan began to take shape for the future I truly desired, rather than clinging to familiar comforts. I chose transparency with my boss, explaining my situation. Thankfully, they understood my desire to reduce my hours at my day job and take on more responsibilities in my own virtual assistant venture.

Embracing my business more meant letting go of my day job. After two challenging years of trying to juggle both, I made the tough decision to resign. Now, as I reflect on my fulfilled life, the connections I've made globally, and the personal and industry insights I've gained, I see the incredible growth that stemmed from my courageous leap.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, no longer feeling trapped and without alternatives. The world holds promise and potential, and I'm ready to embrace it all.

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Kendra is a virtual assistant helping small business owners to remove the admin load work with workflows, funnels, and social media automation.